REVIEW: Zoom Engineering Cupholders


Stylish and usefull!

Brand: Zoom Engineering
Type: Vent Cupholders
Market: Japanese Domestic Market

Availability: Rev9 Autosport, MiataRoadster, Kamispeed, Rakuten

Rarity score: *

Quality **

Alternatives: N.A.


As every Miata owner knows, the OEM cupholders aren’t anything to write home about. Luckily, there are a lot of aftermarket options available. The Zoom Engineering ones take the cake: they are without a doubt the most stylish cupholders you can get. The design of these beauties is unmistakenly unique. Let’s take a closer look.


‘Mechanism’ to mount the cupholder


As said, the design is something else. Five semicircular aluminium shapes which are actually one piece on top of eachother. When placed on the vents the cold air keeps your drinks cool. This material has a high end feel to it. The bottom has a soft spongelike material to make sure your can doesn’t go sliding. Also there is this flippy part to do the same job. So far, so good. But it’s not all praise. The plastic parts seem to be made from materials from the other side of the spectrum. Cheap, brittle looking plastic. The system to click it on the airvents seems flimsy as well. Nevertheless, it is functional and when installed you don’t notice these shortcomings. Overall verdict is we’re doubtful about the quality in the longrun (hence two quality stars) But the style these guys bring to your interior are worth five stars.




Flippy thingy to hold your drink.



Cheap plastic, but JDM points!