REVIEW: Runabout Fuel Lid (Type II)

Stylish and usefull!


Brand: Runabout

Type: Fuellid

Market: Japanese domestic market

Availability: No longer available

Rarity score: ****

Quality ****

Alternatives: Runabout Type1, Zoom engineering, OBX, KGworks


When Kenshins route towards retro wasn’t yet clear. When the knowledge on aftermarket parts for our little roadsters was actually non existent, one of the first mods was the fuellid. The first fuellid that looked like an upgrade to the OEM one, was the IL-motorsport TT-styled chrome fuelcap. But spending a lot of time online learning about my stuff through some Miata-greats like Phatmiata, and Revlimiter a world of rare parts opened up. So the ILM fuelcap had to go, and the hunt for some retro-Japanese had begun. A hunt that resulted in finding this Runabout type 2 (We hadn’t had a clue at the time there was also a type 1)

And man! What an upgrade! It made immediately clear what way we had to go. It’s not flat like many other fuelcaps, but it bulges upwards. It brings back memories of old sportcars. It’s a quality part, but still It’s no longer on Kenshin, because this particular specimen had a problem with opening. Not saying that is a problem with all Runabouts.


The Type two is adorned with small knurled allenbolts. The Type one is without these enhancements, giving it a cleaner look. This fuelcap doesn’t need much maintenancen since it doesn’t stain as fast as a Zoom engineering fuellid. All in all, a very nice find if you can get your hands on one. They are no longer in production. Happy hunting!