REVIEW: Club NA Eunos Badge vs. OEM


Brand: ClubNA

Type: Badge

Market: Japanese domestic market

Availability: No longer available

Rarity score: *****

Quality *****


Brand: OEM

Type: Badge

Market: Japanese domestic market

Availability: Secondhand examples or NOS

Rarity score: *

Quality ***


Alternatives: Revlimiter

As Eunos was as JDM as you can get it, that also means getting your hands on stuff from that enigmatic brand can be difficult. Luckily the United kingdom is just across the pond, and a lot of (RHD) eunos roadsters were imported to the UK. So we got our mainland Europe hands on two OEM eunosbadges. The initial excitement wore off a little when it seemed the gold and silver under the resin seem to be pitted more often than not. As we are planning to make our next build a Eunosthemed car, we were on the lookout for a good specimen. There are new old stock badges floating around, but these demand topdollars. And still no guarantee if the silver and gold will last. But than we found this alternative. It’s a full metal badge from Japanese maker ClubNA. As all parts from ClubNA this piece is of outstanding quality. The weight difference is noticable even though the ClubNA badge is a lot thinner than the others. The colors are spot on with the OEM badges. Because there’s no resin, the badge also has this nice relief. The edges are also more subtle. All in all you could say this is a serious, allbeit small upgrade!